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This historic red building, with the white horse and carriage, is a majestic landmark in the Pioneer Valley. It is widely recognized and admired for its Italianate architecture.

The original house was built in 1861 by Robert Cooper. In the 1950's, it was purchased by Arthur Leary, Jr. to become the Country Squire Furniture Shop. Over the course of five decades and numerous additions, the building grew to its current 14,000 square foot size.

In 2012, the building was purchased by Leary's daughter, Kate and her husband, Robert Gourde. They completely renovated and brought it up to code with handicapped accessibility. Many thanks to the Agawam Commission on Disability for their support and assistance with a grant towards the purchase of the wheelchair lift to accommodate the second floor.

Every effort was made to maintain the charm and character of the original design allowing the woodwork and details such as hardwood floors to remain.

Hometown Pride

Walls in the common areas of the building have been offered as complimentary gallery space to the members of the Agawam Community Artists & Artisans.

The original staircase in the oldest part of the building is the Colleen Hall where the Agawam St. Patrick's Parade Committee can display the portraits of Colleens both past and present.

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